Sunday’s intention: to hold on to life


I am going to try to hold on to this extraordinary feeling for the rest of the week. This peace that walks freely through every pore of my skin, this joy that shines from deep down my heart and this rare stillness that comes from my breath. I am going to try to embrace these feelings through the week; because for some reason during my daily routines I get cut up in the rush and tend to forget.

I will try to bring the best out me. I will do it for me and for the people around. I am going to live this week with no regrets. I will live it out loud. I will say what I mean and do what I love. I will work hard to keep learning from every single opportunity life is providing me with. I will not complain, I will talk from the heart and most important I am not going to be afraid of anything.

Every time I go back to my yoga mat is like I reborn again. I get rid of what is useless and feel the pureness inside of me again, I feel who I really am and it is priceless. I should do it more often, -I know I should-, and time should not be an excuse for what makes you feel amazing. I am glad today I went back to my yoga mat.

It is truly an incredible sensation -some of you might understand what I am talking about-.  How the body, soul and mind  respond and connect to another level after 90 minutes of class. At the end, all the parts come together in balance and harmony. I feel like they let us know how grateful they are for taking them into consideration. For taking care of ourselves.

I will hold on to this beautiful feeling and live this week out loud with no regrets. Feeling the power so real, feeling inspired one more sunday.

Have a wonderful week!



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