With a suitcase and a smile

I consider myself a traveler, a citizen of the world, a lucky person that despite the difficulties keeps moving around this gorgeous planet everyday.

Traveling is beautiful and it gives you the chance to see other incredible places. It gives you the opportunity to get to know other cultures and of course enjoy quiet and peaceful moments with yourself. 

Moving to a new town, city, state or country is exciting for a lot of people but at the same time it is a big challenge. I recently moved to New York also known as the city of dreams and quite frankly, it feels like everything is possible here but again, -it takes effort and patience.- Adjusting ourselves to a new environment takes time but it helps us grow personally and professionally. 

Nothing comes easy, although there are a few things that can make the journey not only worth it but also more enchanting. Every little step we do towards our goals and dreams makes a huge difference in our life. 

Good music is one of them, for me music can change my mood and inspire me to keep going. Dancing is another way to make me smile and writing is my daily bread. I like to write in a napking, notebook or pretty much anywhere. I enjoy writing in my diary about the way I feel every day as well as how I experience life. For me is just another great thing to do that helps me analyze how I’m doing so far. Finally been open to life, meeting new people and learning from the lectures that the world wants to teach me everyday in order to be a better person.

Today I am truly grateful to my family for giving me the opportunity to be able to succeed as a person, in my carreer and in this new journey as well. I am thankful to my parents for the education, the love and comprehension they have given me through the years. Family is everything and even though I am now far away from them; I know they will always be by my side. 

I realized that thanks to the way they raised me, I am now a young girl that is happy with the smallest and simple things. Having a new home away from home, a bed where I can sleep in peace and food on my table makes me really happy. It also makes me extremly happy to be able to work in a place that I can create, inform other people and write stories. This is truly a dream come true and all the work and effort I put into it, is now paying off.

Everyone can make their dreams come true if they work hard and are lucky enough to have a family by their side that supports them in everything they decide to do.

Not so long ago I traveled and lived in Guatemala with the most poor and adorable families I have ever met. That experience gave me the strength and consciousness to enjoy now, every step along the way because honetly, every experience in life counts. I am encouraging all of you to pursue your dreams even if they seem huge because at the end of the day, life could be a dream.

Thanks again to the universe, my family, friends and myself  for giving the opportunity to live this beautiful and amazing journey called life.

I don’t need anything else but a suitcase and a smile on my face.



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