Back to where we come from, Nature.


I keep making the same mistakes, I keep forgetting the same things, I keep worrying for the same reasons; and suddenly, when I go back to yoga, my practice reminds me what is life truly about. I sometimes feel frustrated because when I remember again, I realize that If I did things differently before, now I wouldn’t be worrying and living like that, -feeling miserable and stressed-. I wouldn’t be worrying about everything I have to do, and I will be just focusing on doing it without thinking what’s next. 
It’s amazing how two weeks after the amazing experience I had in Guatemala, sharing with poor families give you all they have, everything goes back to normal. Everything I lived when I was in the jungle seems so far away from my day-to-day reality back in my comfortable city, Miami.

I decided to go back to Guatemala, Petén not only physically, but spiritually as well. Back to my roots, back to where I come from, back to nature.

We live so disconnected from Mother Earth, -including myself of course-, that we forget the beautiful things about life, the simple things. I believe this is because we live in a world that has so many distractions, that we distance ourselves from each other and from life itself.

I feel the need to go back, and going back doesn’t mean to waste your time or to step backwards. To go back means to remember, to find your inner self, to reconnect with your true you. Sometimes we need to travel to change the scene and to see things through another perspective. Traveling is a way to connecting with others and reconnecting with ourselves.

However, even though traveling can help, change only comes from your will power and strength, and those are things  are already inside of every single one of us since the beginning of times, we only need to keep practicing and working towards what we really want in order to not forget about it.

I am going back to were we come from, Nature – and I am inviting you all to try this amazing experience- : to disentangle from anything you don’t need, to dis attach from everything that is not helpful for you keep moving forward. This might sound crazy, but I truly believe that going back to nature by myself, will make me more aware of the meaningful things in life, as well as realize that it is okay to forget as long as we remember what is truly important again.

I want to be able to touch the starts with my fingertips, to walk barefoot without judging, to breathe profoundly without thinking, and to embrace every second of my new journey that I am sure will lead me to great things.

If we only live once, I want to take the most out of it, and I know I need to start from the beginning, which means, taking care of myself if I want to be able to help others. Life is such an amazing opportunity to learn, discover and sometimes I forget how grateful I am, but I am going to practice on remembering and working towards my faith and strengh.

Trust yourself, let go of useless distractions and just be present, it might sound hard but is worth giving a try. If you feel the need to go back, pause and just give yourself a moment to reconnect to where you come from, nature. This pause will help you focus on your goals and freely live how you truly want.

 Be honest, be true, be you.


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