A new adventure: write, love, travel Repeat. #Latinamericaproject


By Global Humanitaria, Guatemala, Peten. http://www.globalhumanitariausa.org

Dear friends and readers,

In one short week, I will embark on an amazing adventure to not only find myself, write, travel and serve, but to also understand other cultures and try to take care of other human beings with love and respect. I feel grateful and honored to be traveling with this non-profit organization Global Humanitaria USA to my first destination, Guatemala to write a book inspired by all the incredible places I am going to visit during my journey-a book that will be written with my heart that I hope to inspire many other minds and souls across the world. This new project, will also help to create a program for the people that would like to Volunteer in Latinamerica, with the NGO. I will also appreciate any donation for the organization, mainly because they fight for important causes such as children’s rights, stopping child abuse, and providing their children with food, education and shelter. A donation of any amount will be greatly valued, you can also become a donor with $20 a month.
I will make sure to keep you posted with pictures and videos so you too can be a part of this adventure, and I will find comfort in knowing that I am not going alone. Thank you all lovely friends.





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