Loving can hurt, Loving can turn you crazy

Loving can hurt so deeply and so hard, that we can feel we are about to die at any second. Loving can turn us so crazy that we can do things will never thought we could be capable of. Loving is the strongest and most powerful feeling humans are gifted with. We are the only species that feels love consciously. And even if this love is not returned, we have the ability to keep loving more and more without getting tired of it. We are capable of recomposing ourselves and putting back together all the pieces of our heart even after the most devastating break ups-or any other tremendous tragedy for that matter-because we are love in essence.

Our love is so strong, that not only can it cross big oceans, vast valleys, and the highest mountains, but also finds the way to reconnect with our souls without even trying; it just occurs naturally.

Love has no language, no barriers, no judgments. Love is Just Love. If you ever fall in love-or you already have-, be proud and grateful. Embrace love in all ways and forms; enjoy the feeling. And even though it might hurt sometimes, trust me when I tell you it is worth it.

Consider yourself lucky if you ever loved someone and felt that majestic love back. If you haven’t, don’t worry, don’t look for it, don’t overthink, and don’t rush. Love is never late and can happen at any moment, without you expecting it. That is how love works. Love resides in every single one of us, and when the right time comes, love will find you.

Sometimes we try so hard to find the “right one”, that we forget we need to love ourselves first, and give to our body and soul all the attentions they need. Spoil yourself and take care of your temple. It’s important to remember you can’t truly love some one else, until you find self-love. This is simple, but commonly overlooked.

If you have broken heart, listen to what it has to say, but try to not overthink why this happened to you. Although is hard to believe, love has its reasons, always. Just feel the pain and grieve. Pay attention to your feelings and try to restore the faith in you. This is the only way love will find you back. Whenever you are ready, no one will come and tell you, you will simply feel it.

Loving can hurt so much you might think you will stop breathing…but you are stronger and brave, you will mature, and one day, you even might understand.

If your lover breaks up with you, let me tell you that if you strongly think you are meant to be, you will be at the right time. Embrace every single moment of this beautiful journey, life and take the best out of every circumstance.

Love is precious just like you. It is so pure, and powerful, and it will help you through anything. Be honest, be true, be you.



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