A moment with yourself

 It amuses me more everyday how much I enjoy being with myself. I can truly be in silence and have an ongoing conversation with myself, without anyone knowing it. It is amazing how I have time to think, enjoy and feel. We should all try it. It is truly a unique experience.

Relationships are great but the only true love you will have for the rest of your life is yourself. Treat your body and soul nicely, soft and most important listen for what they need and want.
Have a pizza by yourself, a beer, a nice sunset, a moment to write go to the beach, listen to some music, do whatever you want with your one and only, YOURSELF.

We constantly feel that we need someone else to be free and happy. Trust me, I’ve never felt so much free and alive before.
Give yourself a break from society, traffic, communication and people. Just breathe and pause. I just realized this sound like a topic that everyone’s says but you will never know when it means until you tried yourself.
It’s nice to see the people walking by, the music playing, the temperature of the room… Embrace it all, this is your moment. A moment with yourself.
No need to analyze or think. Just be, stay, remain and flow.
At first it might be uncomfortable, you might not know what to do with your time and specially by yourself but if you let pass the perception of your own fear, a gear that is just crested in your mind you will start to feel that the hours fly and you did so much by not doing anything at all. Strange right? Try yourself and see how it feels.
During your first time by yourself, you will engage so many conversations and probably many thoughts will drive you crazy. Stay, listen to them, let them pass and again remain, breathe.
This is just one more activity that I tried myself and I thought it was worth to share with other.

Shut the world down and contemplate how it breathe on his own, with no pressure, no judgements, just be with yourself for a little and see how great it feels.

Be Honest, Be True, Be You.

Best wishes,





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