Love leaves Us Wounded Forever. Love Keeps Us Moving and Alive.


Dance barefoot, build a home from scratch and a foundation for trust. Hug the moment until the sun comes up, write interminable stories, talk to the moon, dream awake, live with a smile.

To love, to miss, to fight, to survive, to confess, to accept, to treasure.

To die for love, to jump with no regrets, to move forward without looking back. To make love with no limits, to stop all clocks and lengthen the nights. To feel lost and finally found. To re-discover, to create, to feel, suffer, flow and imagine.

To open up, to travel far away, to share with strangers, to connect at first sight, to believe.

To remember, to cry, to forgive.

“I cannot, he/she cannot. We cannot, but some of us try.”

Hearts beating all over this world, one vibrant symphony, one whole breath. Humanity.

Love, the most powerful things of all. Love, innocent, young, passionate, melancholic, that first-true-love.

Love that leaves us wounds forever. Love that keeps us moving and alive. Profound feelings, deep emotions than will never go away and will be ours forever.

Love makes us strong. Love changes us. Love inspires us.

Love one another. Love with no fear. LOVE with all your being.


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