Diada de Sant Jordi Barcelona, 2014

From USA to Barcelona! ❤

A little bit of my culture, my stories, my background… Today’s is SANT JORDI in Barcelona! This is the most beautiful day of the year. The streets are full of people, roses and books. Catalans celebrate that day as an honor to an old legend that took place in a small village long time ago. An honest king lived really worried for his kingdom because a dragon was chasing and killing all their animals: cows, goats and horses. The habitants of the village were really scared so they asked the kind: -What are we going to do when the dragon eats all the animas? That day soon arrived, and they ran out of animals to sacrifice and offer to the dragon. Then king decided to put the names of everyone that lived in the village inside a pot. Every morning the king picked up a name randomly and the name of the person that appeared in the paper had to walk through the big bridge into the darkness of the forest were the dragon was waiting.

One rainy day, the king picked her daughter’s name from the pot, the princess. Since he was an honest king he followed the rule he came up with, and surrendered her daughter to the dragon. The king was very sad when he saw his daughter leaving the castle. The princess cried incessantly all the way to the dark forest. Suddenly, when the dragon was about to take the princess in his big green hands, Saint George appeared riding a white horse. The gallant and brave knight; stabbed his sword in the center of the dragon dragon’s heart and killed him instantly. The blood felt down on the battlefield and from the dragon’s blood, red roses blossomed as a symbol of Saint George love for the princess. Since that day, every April 23rd, knights give a red rose to his girlfriend, daughter or mom as a symbol of their love, and the girls a give them a book to remember the beautiful legend Catalans are proud to have. I love my background, my stories, my legends and I feel that sharing with other cultures enriches our perspectives on history as well as gives us a global awareness of what else is going on in the world. I am happy to share my legend with all of you.



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