I’ve Become A Traveler, A Citizen of the World


Miami Dade College Wolfson Campus, August 2010.

Feels like it was yesterday. Walking through big avenues, running into strangers and looking surprised at everything around me. Everything was new. Everything  was big. I felt like I was in one of the Bruce Willis action-movies when I first landed in Downtown Miami. People everywhere, officers driving flashy motorcycles, huge fire trucks blaring their sirens, buildings that almost reached the sky, endless palm trees, a big bright sun and a dense, humid atmosphere.

I took a deep breath and told to myself, “Laura, no one said it was going to be easy.” I felt small and lost in a middle of an organized chaos. I finally found my way to my first class in a new college in America. Far from home, far from my family and friends in Barcelona. As I crossed the long side walk, feeling the heat burning my skin and the strong smell from the french fries of the McDonald’s across the street, I realized that I was alone, lost, excited but scared. Welcome to the land of the opportunities.

The days were long and hard. Lots of days waiting at the bus stop under a sweltering sun. Lots of rainy days with no umbrella. Moments of frustration and confusion. Days were I had to walk home because I did not know I was suppose to pay two dollars for the bus. Days in which a cheeseburger was all I could afford for the day.

However, as the time passed I tried to survive in my new ecosystem, the American jungle. I convinced myself that this was going to be a hard but a worthwhile experience. I missed home. I cried. I wanted to look back but instead, I stepped forward. I opened my eyes and strengthened my heart. I accepted that life brought me to a new country for a reason and therefore I decided to learn from the adventure.

 I became a traveler. I became a citizen of the world. I learned English as fast as I could. I learned to respect other beliefs and learn from other cultures. After three years, lots of things happened that I would have never imagined. Looking back, I see Miami with new eyes.

Miami is a beautiful vibrant multicultural city, known for its diversity, figures, rhythm, flavors, music and flow. I became part of the the scene. Little by little I became the main character of my story in a new city. I learned to not be afraid to ask, I learned to listen and observe. I learned to appreciate the bright sun, the Sunshine State and the people that live in it. I learned to travel and I found out that I love it.

I am grateful to be able to call this world my home. My dream is to keep traveling everywhere, getting to know every little community backgrounds, every city’s pace, people’s worries, opinions and ideas. I want to be able to give voice to all these beautiful cities, unknown towns and incredible people I will meet along the way. I want to be able to touch other people’s lives, as well as share my experiences through my travel and featured stories.

If money wasn’t a hinderance, I would: Write-Love-Travel, repeat. Life is about unexpected surprises, life is a roller coster, life is such a great adventure and everyday is a second chance. I am ready to take off into my new adventure. Ready for more traveling, for overcoming hard moments and getting to know fascinating people that live on the same planet I do. Ready to create art, write, learn and discover.

“I would love to be a nomad for the rest of my life.”


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