(K+A) x Attitude


Our actions have an immediate impact on our lives but we also need to remember that our words and thoughts are really powerful as well and they have long-term consequences . Depending on what we say or wish we can build our own destiny.
Many people make the mistake to believe that what we think or say does not really matter. Big mistake. Each idea or thought that our mind projects have an impact on our lives either positively or negatively .
When we decided to leave our prejudices aside and listen to our intuition, the universe is listening to us . He always does. It is also important to remember that there is always the possibility to change the course of things.God deals the cards but we play them. God gives us the circumstances but it only depends on your attitude while playing them. Life has drama, disease, accidents, problems, ups and downs, but only your attitude towards them determines the ultimate consequence on how you live your life and deal with them. People tend to think that everything that is given to us is already done; it is not. We have to work on our dreams if we want to be architects of our own destiny.
Take a second and why not sit down and talk to the moon? She listens and takes notes. It may sound strange but when you see the results you’ll be surprised how powerful your thoughts become. For that reason many people say, “Think before you act.”

Let’s recap: your thoughts matter and they have a strong impact on your life as well as others. Second, if your thoughts matter you can create your own destiny which means you decide which face you want to put up in life. Do you want do face life with a smile? Or a frown? Your attitude matters. Finally let me share with you a formula=(Knowledge+Ability)x Attitude. Our knowledge and abilities add together, but our attitude multiplies these talents; attitude it is what defines us. It is your choice, play your cards with the attitude you want.


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