I Am Different, So What?


For the first time I listened to our internal voice that everyone talks about, intuition. What is it? How to describe it? I guess you can only experience it and be willing to listen. Pretty easy right?

This morning I decided to go on an adventure. I was sitting down on my yoga mat aware of the gentle sound of the river that was running down the clift. Appreciating all kind of sounds the birds made while flying over the treetops. Smelling the rain and feeling the humid soil in contact with the souls of my feet.  Lost in the midst of a beauty dormant forest I began my meditation. I was breathing in silence without any expectations. I was present in the moment, sitting by an ancient oak tree when suddenly I heard an inner voice calling me. I opened my eyes and saw that I was still sitting in the middle of the forest. The inner voice kept calling me and whispering “You are special, you are different, you are light, you can do it.” -Then I started to believe it.- The experience is worth it and also different. I told myself, one step at a time and then I realized that we are truly different from each other but that we can also find others like us, others that are as well different and willing to follow their intuition.

I ran back home and I told my friend I want to climb that mountain over there, and there is nothing that will stop me. Yes, I want to do something that involves risk and difficulty. I want to do something that matters and it is worth it to discover. I want to do something different and bigger than myself. I accept and respect your beliefs, ideas and actions, but I want to climb that mountain over there. Yes, I am different and instead of hiding behind bushes I embrace it.I am lovely different. Some people may follow you, others will gossip.

So what? I am different and I am enjoying it. Follow your intuition, 99% of times will lead you to a good port, you just have to be willing to listen. 


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