We Are Already Healed, We Heal Each Other


A big warm sun rises in the middle of a blue sky but for you there is no morning waiting.


They say it is bright outside, but you can’t see through the fog that blinds your heart, all you see is darkness.

You try to stand up but oceans of memories keep dragging you down and breaking your heart.

Lost and confuse, you don’t have anywhere to hide.

Lost and confuse you vanish into beautiful memories, because we are designed to forget the bad things and keep the beauty of our moments. –We sometimes cover the truth because it can hurt so much that we prefer to be blind. People that follow this path eventually forget the true beauty of living free from fear. —

Lost and confuse you try to push away the walls of your own misery. You try to escape through the doors that kept you dormant for so long. Nothing moves. Nothing works for you anymore. Alone with yourself you begin to sink into your soul.


Prisoner of your past, you cannot move.

Then anger rises and guilt grips you, there is no looking back. End of the road, a steep cliff invites you to jump. Realizing that you were sleep walking through your life. Then, you decide there is nothing to lose. You jump. You leave the world behind and begin to descent in slow motion.

Your heart hurts and your mind won’t shut up.


Am I still here? Am I dead? Am I dreaming?

Someone, something hugs you tight, embracing your pain, accepting your feelings and forgiving you for everything.  Crying it all out, watching your life pass through, you understand you have been healed. We are already healed but now we are in the process of accepting it.

We can heal each other by sharing our deepest secrets, our torments and stories. When we are compassionated with one another our humanity stands out.

See through someone else’s eyes it is an incredible experience, put one’s self in someone else’s shoes.  Understand other people’s worry is a gift, be familiarized with it is human and helps to heal them to grow and you. We can heal one another through our compassion and love but most important, to help others you first need to accept and grief your own pain.

One of the hardest things while grieving pain is to forgive yourself. There is nothing wrong with you. You must forgive yourself and accept who you are along with the consequences of your actions in other to heal healthily and clean.

–You deserve happiness, be happy then. —


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