Hug the Moment Like You Mean It

Every now and then we hear someone saying “I love you” or apologizing or simply expressing some kind of feeling towards someone else. Well, I feel like it is only now and then, not as often. We should be able to stop hiding and mean everything we say if we feel it. No more tomorrows, no more “I will text him later, I will post a picture apologizing to them, I will write a letter telling her how much I miss her…”

What matters is what we do TODAY. Forget about the past for a second and focus on how you feel right now. The past it is already there, the future is leaving. We tend to go back and forward replaying memories in our head but the truth is that today is what really matters.

If you truly love someone, no matter how many times you told him/her, remind them again and see how it feels. Scream it.“I love you.”

If  you feel guilty or sad for something you did, look into the other person’s eye and mean it, “I’m sorry, I didn’t want to hurt your feelings.”

If you feel like your relationship is suffocating you say it, “I think I need time for myself ,” doesn’t mean you don’t love him/her.  It means that you are being honest.  You mean to say it. To let them know that you need space. We all do at some point.

Hug your feelings and embrace your sensations. Share your thoughts and live through your days. Mean everything you do. Everyday of your life, because what you do today is what truly matters.

Health and happiness,




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