5 Things I Love About the Land of Opportunity


Every country, city and small town has it owns secrets and charms. Every corner of this world has thousands of beautiful places waiting to be discovered. Today I will share my small list of things that make my journey in America a wonderful and exciting experience.

American society can be criticized for a lot of things like a lot of other cultures just because it may not fit into our own traditions or backgrounds. We tend to criticize what is new and unknown. I decided to step back and look at everything with an open mind and  new eyes.

My first cupcake was one of the best experiences ever! When I first got into this old and cute bakery I did not know where to look. Everything was so sweet, colorful and delicious. My eyes couldn’t stop staring at all these small and artistic cupcakes. Many flavors, shapes and colors surrounded me. Everywhere.

The girl behind the counter was happy to see my reaction. She was patient and helpful as I asked for every single name and flavor. There are cupcakes for every palette. After taking notes of all those cute little sweets, a pink cupcake with white frosting on top, sitting in the corner behind the glass, caught my attention. Strawberry cheesecake. Amazing experience. A nice moist texture and an incredible smell took me far away from where I was. Then, with my eyes closed I yelled, “Mmm…this tastes like a sweet candle!” Candles don’t have a flavor right? I couldn’t think about anything at that point. I kept enjoying my pink cupcake while my friend, and the rest of the cafeteria, was staring at me. They couldn’t understand what I was experiencing. This was my first cupcake. We do not eat that many sweets in Spain. Besides, they couldn’t understand it because they are used to cupcakes.

“The first time we try a new experience, or when we limit a good thing to small doses, we are able to savor and value the moment.”

Furthermore, I enjoy my eggs over easy in the morning with my sorority sisters. We don’t have sororities in Spain and it is quite an experience, –trust me–. There are one hundred seventy-seven girls or more altogether in a sorority, and forty-seven of those live in house where I am currently living. I opened my mind once again and most importantly, I realized that I opened my heart as well to these beautiful people. I enjoy walking around the house and being surrounded by so many girls from different backgrounds, styles, opinions and thoughts. They all make this house unique and special to me. I like how they love watching T.V all together and go out until 2am. In this beautiful town, bars and clubs close at two in the morning, –which means that you can try to be productive the next day–.

“I am grateful to have met these people that are helping me with my experience and adventure far from home. It is worth it to open your heart to others and share your love with them.”

More things I like about this land: everything is BIG. The first time I went grocery shopping and bought milk, I thought I was buying a detergent to do laundry. I couldn’t believe how big the gallon of milk was. However, once you have experienced the differences in sizing with clothing, food and other things, you have a better sense of saving, recycling and eating what you actually need and no extra. In my case, I always order tall coffee, small shirts, one appetizer… but sometimes, I enjoy a big combo of popcorn, because big is sometimes a great treat.

I moved to the state of Florida in 2010 from Barcelona. First I lived a couple of years in Miami. Then I moved to Gainesville for college, five hours north of Miami. Now that I’m almost graduating, I realize that I am falling in love with this town’s secrets and charms. The Sunshine State welcomes me almost every morning with a big, beautiful and warm sun that restores my energy, and inspires my happy mood.

Finally, I like how hard Americans work and how big they dream. I like when they sincerely complement each other and celebrate each other’s successes. Now I have a global vision of this wonderful world and I am willing to keep traveling to discover new places and meet even more interesting and incredible people, like I have done so far in America.




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