It is all about YOU my dear

How many times do we meet a guy thinking that he will be the one? How many times do we idealize him in our head or how many times do we go back to memories to convince ourselves of something that doesn’t exist anymore?

Lately I’ve been giving my personal advice to my dearest friends that have encountered themselves facing the truth. The truth always hurts but it is the only way to free yourself and live in peace. From our experiences we always learn; however, sometimes we keep making the same mistakes over and over again hoping that one day will do the right thing. This is the beauty of growing into and expanding our souls. We need to truly love and accept ourselves first, then we will reach others with our enormous power and unconditional love.

A broken heart feels like needles pricking with each beat, like trying to get to the surface while drowning again and again, like living in a room without windows. To heal the pain, we have to first feel it, recognize it and accept it. It is okay to let go of the one you loved when your heart is begging you, even though you try to avoid listening at all costs. It is okay to be alone because that will allow you to learn and see things with more perspective while disengaging yourself from suffering. When you free your mind and soul, you will see how many great things you are capable of and how many people will come to you. It can be scary being alone. What am I going to do now? Silence. What is this? Breathe, pause for a moment and start doing everything you always wanted and left it for later. There is no later, there is just now.

Furthermore, I have to tell you that it is not an easy task. It takes time and will power. You may  go back to your comfort zone and oppressive relationship. You will try to fix things pretending that everything can go back to normal.

It is okay to not know what to do. To fall, to shrink in, to hide, to cry, to not understand why. Once you get past all of your emotional states, you will enter into a passive and indifferent state about life and your situation. You’ll feel lost and maybe start thinking that you will never find love again. Big mistake. Use this experience to liberate your fears, to leave behind the ongoing discussions, to do what you want and let your inner power shine and extend outward toward life and others.

When you leave behind everything that is useless, you begin unfold your wings to freedom, exciting adventures, love, passion, peace and new emotions that will heal your heart and realize what is worth living for and helping others to feel the same way. No more dark holes, no more tortured relationships, no more bad days, no more rejection, no more guilt, anger or sadness .

Fresh start, a new chapter waiting to be written. Isn’t it exciting? Some things that might help with the process:

Get rid of anything you don’t need in your room.

Throw away the junk.

Reorganize your house, apartment or room.

Set up a schedule for classes and activities you enjoy. Make sure that you can make it, so it becomes a habit after one month. Ex: Swimming, dancing, yoga, tennis, painting, running, writing etc.

Put all of your memories in a box.

Decorate, make a collage from old magazines and visualize your life and dreams.

Allow yourself to live and flow with no restrictions.

Go for long walks in the beach, mountains, trails…reconnect with your true nature.

Feel how little by little those needles stop hurting, feel how you heal—believe me, the process might be long, but your wings will get you to places you never imagined. You will find true love, and you will experience new beautiful friendships and relationships. You will see the world with new eyes. Let yourself heal and never stop growing.

“Best teachers are always students.”



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