The awakening


Have you ever felt that everything you knew was wrong or useless? Have you ever felt like everything you’ve learned doesn’t work for you anymore? Did you feel the necessity to disengage yourself from your ego, step forward and look from the outside?. Maybe you have asked yourself,    “What is wrong with me? Why do I feel this way?” Finally, we end up accepting and realizing that everything we know is changing. There is no right or wrong. We just started a new journey into our conscious self. First step is acceptation, then you will begin to sync with your inner self and vibe with the entire universe. Knowledge has been placed inside each of us a long time ago. We just need to refresh and remember. Rediscover and start all over again to find what works and resonates within you.  Changing everything can be scary and risky, but you also now that there is no point on going back. Everything you have learned,experienced,lived,believed is gone. You are looking for something else, higher than you and above everything.

Many times when we find ourselves in a situation like that we begin to fear and we panic because we do not know what is going on with our lives. What is next? How do I fulfill this craving of knowing more about who I am? What I truly want? Were do we come from? At this point in your life, you experience what a lot of writers,philosophers and practitioners call “the awakening of consciousness.”  Furthermore, not everyone has reached this point, we all have different speeds when growing and looking for our inner self. As long as you assimilate that, you will continue your journey and research in peace. The problem comes when people around you do not let you grow or explore freely.  Sometimes these people might be your family, the ones you love the most. Their idea or project for your life is not necessarily the same as yours. Here is when the conflict with yourself and what others want starts. You feel like you can’t be who you truly are. You start believing that you might not be capable of fulfilling their expectations.  You get anxious and lost. We stop our contact with ourselves and then you do not know what you are good at because you don’t know what you are passionate about.

Being honest with yourself and with the ones you love is the best solution to start freely the awakening of your consciousness. Just be honest with yourself first. Write down what you like, what makes you happy without thinking about the money or any other inconvenience. Put your heart and effort on the table. Face your fears and find your mission. We all have one, specifically and determined. I am looking forward to finding mine.  Every morning I wake up feeling that I am getting closer and closer.  I really want to find what I am truly capable of, and I think it is anything. We are all capable of anything.

Reaching the peak of the mountain is not so easy. Along the way you might ask yourself many times why am I doing this? You might also wish to abandon the journey and stop trying. I’m sure that once at the top, the air is pure, the view must be fantastic and be able to feel the heat of the sun so close must be wonderful. Some people believe it is worth a try and find out for yourself. I consider myself one of these people until recently. Willing to fight to learn and enrich myself with knowledge about this world and other dimensions that might exist. I am willing to serve where I am needed. Willing to keep walking as long as I am surrounded by those who accept who I am and the way I am.  You might feel constantly disappointed and think that you should quit. That they might be right, that you should be more realistic. Stay strong. The top of the mountain is worth it. Have faith in yourself  and in what you believe even though everything you knew is changing now.  Believe in you because that is the only thing that has always existed and has never entirely changed. If you end up walking by yourself, it is okay. I am sure you will find people along the way that will be walking through the same path. They will be in the process of awakening. Like when a caterpillar becomes a butterfly. This is the beauty of the awakening of your conscious.


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