Family is forever


How many times do we slam the door into our family’s faces and a few hours later, run back inside crying and asking them for forgiveness? How many times do we not know where to go and our families offer us a nice clean bed and a delicious supper? How many mistakes do we make even though they have previously advised us against it? They always end up wiping our tears no matter what. This is called FAMILY.

Family,from the word in latin “famulus”. “Familia” a group of individuals that live together and are related to each other. Familia is more than that I think. There are not enough good definitions for what a family is. Besides,in the animal kingdom, animals also have groups that they take care of. They protect their species, they feed the little ones and fight for the survival of those who are in the same group.

For humans it is not that different. Family is a group of individuals who you might share a common ancestry with, live under the same roof or simply have a strong relationship that unites you with them. Sometimes we forget that having a family is one of the most beautiful things in life. Consider yourself lucky to have one.

Family is always there and they never ask for anything in return. Family are the people that gave you life and took care of you since the day you arrived in this world. Family are the people that listen to you over and over again. Family are those individuals who you can be yourself around. You can cry or yell and they will still love you unconditionally. Family sees all of your imperfections and accept them. Family will never turn you down or walk away. Family is a beautiful present that you can always open and discover new things.Family is forever.

Although each family is a different world, each member of the group is special and related to you in some unique way. Get to know them better, try to strengthen the bonds that have always united you since the beginning of time. As an example, my dad, he is truly convinced that him and I agreed to be father and daughter up in heaven. We agreed, signed, smiled and here we are. There is always a reason behind everything, discover what you can learn from your relatives and what you can show them that they might not know yet.

Therefore, we only appreciate them when we are far from home or when we have lost them. Avoid this by telling them now how you feel even though sometimes they might not know what to say back. I believe some people have older souls than others, no matter how old they are in reality. No matter how old or young they look or they are. Some little kids teach their parents basic stuff on how to live a good life. Other parents, teach their own parents… I called this a learning relationship, the circle of internal growth, the growing deep into yourself. This way of looking at your family will change your life forever and will probably change the people around you too.

Furthermore no one teaches us how to be a parent or a child, so we just have our parents as role models and what we hear or see from our society. But know that we can always learn from someone else. Open your heart and clear your mind from judgments. It is never too late to open up to someone. If you think you know everything about your family, you probably  know nothing. Share your feelings and thoughts, release yourself from your own jail. Let them know who you truly are and how grateful you are to have them.

“Love is a privilege reserved to the brave”.


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