A letter to myself



Dear Laura,

This letter is addressed to you with sincerity and true love. I want to congratulate you for all the things you had achieved that thought were impossible to overcome. You graduate from your high school back in Barcelona, Spain and you took the courage to jump into this adventure in America. I’m proud of you and you have demonstrated me that you are a strong, caring, wonderful smart human being. You need to know that I know everything about you. You can’t hide anything. Your accomplishments are my triumphs. Furthermore I wanted to share that although you might think things are harder now than in the past, you have the power to overcome them like you did before.

This is just me, reminding you that with love, the main and more powerful tools of all, will help you to conquer anything you want. Besides Love, you will also need confidence. This will allow you to assume challenges seemingly impossible, and overcome them. Finally, courage which is not only the absence of fear but the consciousness that there is something for what it is worth to risk.

Laura, you are a beautiful artist, dancer, writer, yogi and person. Stop punishing yourself or feeling guilty. Enjoy every minute of your precious life and all worries will go away. Keep taking care of your body and mind, they are grateful for every yoga class you take and every morning you meditate. My message and the importance of this letter, is to remind you that you are doing well and you just need to trust yourself more. You are the architect of your own destiny make every second count.

With all my love,


Note: the original letter contains more specific details of all the things I personally overcomed in the past. This is a great opportunity to open up to yourself and explore that you are an amazing person. Writing a letter to yourself is a chance to write to you directly, like a pep talk you will give to yourself about how well you did in the past and how capable you are of solving the new difficulties you may encounter in life. Listen to yourself, love and do.


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