Dreams, interpretation and prediction

Formentera, Spain

Formentera, Spain

Do you remember your dreams when you wake up? Do you always dream? Why do we dream? What truly are dreams?

Many psychologists and scientists have wrote and investigate about dreams and their meanings,but no one really knows where they come from. Do they come from our unconscious mind, from our daily memories, or from our concerns and deepest emotions that rest and hide within our psyche? Furthermore, interpreting dreams can be interesting and helpful, but only you know what resides in your inner self.

Dreams are a way of connecting yourself as well as interpreting life. I believe they are captions of every memory during your walking lives combined with your deepest desires and intentions. When we dream we recreate parts of our lives that we lived before as if we were replaying a scene in a movie. Matt Wilson,professor of Neuroscience at MIT’s Center for Learning and Memory, also defends this point of view. Professor Wilson did an experiment putting rats in mazes during the day and recorded the patterns of neurons released as the rats navigated the maze. Then,he watched the rats enter in REM sleep.Furthermore he saw that the same neuron patterns that were seen and recorded during the rat navigation through the maze, were the same as the ones the rat was projecting and recurring when was sleeping.In other words, he saw that the rats were dreaming of important junctures in their day.

In addition, Carl Jung, a Swiss psychologist, believes that throughout our lives, we are continually seeking balance or harmony between the conscious and unconscious parts of our minds. What Dr. Jung explains is that sometimes the unconscious parts of our mind are more aware of problems in our lives that our conscious mind chooses to ignore.This is an important concept to think about because if we pay more attention to our unconscious mind we might avoid problems an dangerous situations. Dr. Jung practiced with a lot of patients that assured to him that they were in mortal danger. One woman explained that if she knew how to interpret and paid attention to her repeatedly dreams she might wouldn’t have been raped.

However,dreams are not 100% reliable. They could be good to pay attention to and try to interpret them. For example different symbols in dreams can be interpreted in different way. My friend Carla was worried because she had recurring dreams about big snakes. Carla decided to research about snakes’ symbolism in dreams and she found that they represent evil and misfortune.Carla was not satisfied with those answers and she kept researching and also looking inside of her for solutions pertaining her life. After further research she found that snakes could mean a big change or transformation in your life, like the way snakes change their skin.

-Choose they way to interpret your dreams and live your life-.


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