To be compassionate


Compassion comes from the Latin “compati”, to suffer with. Compassion is the feeling of empathy for others, as the dictionary well defines. It is the emotion that we feel in response to the suffering of others, that motivates a desire to help. It is important to make a clear decision to co-suffer with someone in order to find a solution, instead of joining in their misery without purpose, leading them to sink deeper in their pain.

Having compassion for others makes us fight for a greater cause than ourselves; giving us so much in return. Have you ever experienced the feeling of an embrace with someone that really needed it, helping them to solve their problems through your comprehension and empathy? When you see that person standing on their feet again, smiling at you, and been grateful for what you did you start living in a different way where others matter to you.

However, it is hard to create a bond with someone that you don’t know. But, think of it this way, maybe the universe, your fate, or God is testing you. It is worth it to try and see how your life changes. Besides, it is good to pause everything and help others.

Visualize someone that is suffering right now, maybe you think there is nothing you can do, but there is always something. Even if there is no solution you are capable of providing, you can always make them know that they can count on you and you will pray for them.

Many times we are too busy with our own problems that we forget who is there for us. We understimate the person next to us, that might be willing to do anything to make you smile. Just open your eyes and see who is standing by your side. Be grateful and share your compassion with others so the chain will never end. If we all had this philosophy internalized we would do much better with our lives and our precious planet. We can always start right now!

Write down some thoughts for your own critical thinking:

Who was the last person you helped?

Who will you call if you needed anything?

Do you help people that you don’t know? (strangers, classmates, coworkers…)

How does it feel when someone reach up to you and ask you for something?

Have a nice week!


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