We are all connected

Plaza of the Americas, University of Florida

Plaza of the Americas, University of Florida

Have you ever felt that you knew someone before you met them? Have you ever experienced the sensation that you can open yourself up to someone else that you don’t even know? Have you felt the warm inviting feeling when you get accepted by a new group of people? Have you ever felt a feeling of attraction, or energy almost like its electric with a stranger, friend, lover or a family member?

Believe it or not, we are all connected.  When you open yourself up to others you will see how many things you have in common, how many people want to listen to your ideas, and how many strangers want to become your friend.

According to many scientists and philosophers, we are all part of one mind, meaning that we are all connected to a field of energy that vibrates into the Universe at different speeds. This one mind or consciousness is what makes us connect with each other, so our decisions and thoughts vibrate and impact others. A simple example would be when you are thinking of someone and they call you. You are surprised by the phone call however, it is because your conscious mind was thinking and sending waves of energy that connected with the other person. Although occurrences like this happen, you need to work hard on what you want to achieve and visualize that you can make your dreams come true.

Furthermore, one of the Universal laws that you might have heard is the Cause and Effect law. What you send to the Universe will come back to you either in a positive or negative way, depends on your intention. It actually makes sense, that if we are all connected and we are part of one sea of energy every time you pray, think, or visualize something, you will be impacted and affect others.  As I said this is not an immediate effect, but think about it, if you smile at people, they will smile back. What a nice way of living right?

Another idea that I found enlightening is how we communicate through this field of energy with our feelings, intuition and emotions. This is the reason why people go around saying trust your feelings or listen to your internal voice. What they mean is that you need to trust your instincts and follow your heart . It is also important to understand the following concept, your body and mind are connected. So listen to your body when it is trying to express a sensation and let the mind be clear of thoughts. Although the mind is useful and important to us, we sometimes pay more attention to it than necessary.

Let’s recap, if mind and body are connected and we are connected with each other and everything around us, then you are energy and everything around you is energy too. You are part of a universal consciousness, you are part of God therefore God is in you.  This means that God is everywhere.

We sometimes forget that we are more powerful than we think. We just have to seek for the valuable treasures that are within every single one of us, and even though we are part of One mind, we are also unique and precious that is what makes each individual  you encounter in your life so special.

Optional activity Cause-Effect law:

1. 50 wishes

2. 25 worries

3. 25 Things that you have to do whether or not you want to.

See how your goals vibrate with the Universe and within You.

I personally did this activity two years ago just for me. I wrote everything down and then visualized all those things coming true little by little. It is also an activity that “coaching” uses. Coaching it is really famous in Europe and now in America. It consists in working on the strengtheners of an individual skills and it is also used in businesses as a self-exercise.


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