Let go and It will be yours Forever!


How may things do you keep in boxes because they are part of you? How many clothes do you have in your closet that you never wear? How many pictures,letters,newspapers?…Keeping all of these sacred treasures and memories are beautiful, but be aware that letting go doesn’t mean erasing it from your life or throwing it away. Letting go means disengage, unhook, disattach, to separate from. When something is not working for us or we think we can’t use it any more, let go. Maybe it is one of the hardest thing to do because as humans we have a sense of owning things, caring about people and needing others. It is difficult because even though there is something inside of our unconsciousness telling us to let go, we are too attached to actually do it. It can be a difficult task because we go back to our good memories and safety zone but once you realize what is useless, you release your anxiety and you open the doors to freedom.

Furthermore I would consider myself one of these people that letting go can be painful.I like to keep everything in little pretty boxes, I like to keep my past because it is what has lead me to be who I am. Although I realize that I need to let go in order to free myself from not enjoying this precious moment, the present. According to an article by  about “How pain works,” pain is a warning sensation of your brain that a stimulus is causing or may cause damage. Also Dr. Craig pointed out that a physician remarked that pain is whatever the patient says it is. So once we know what pain is, we need to perceive, accept and obviously do something about it, the first right step is willing.

Letting go of things is very hard but letting go of people is probably the hardest decision. Remember that you always need think of yourself first. A good example for that includes relationships with friends, lovers and family members…When you love someone, but for whatever reason that relationship is not helping you grow fully, spiritually and happily is when you know that this relationship is not helping you in your learning process. The best thing to do is to end the suffering. Then the fear of losing that person will arise but it is just the fear of meeting with yourself and being alone. This disengaging will open a new world free from fear and full of joy.

It might be sad at first because it is a tough decision, but ultimately you will learn from the experience. Every person we met is for a purpose and I want to believe that they help you through this beautiful journey called life, but they don’t always have to stay. Accept the purpose of this relationship, keep everything you’ve learned and move forward.

Optional activity to let go:

1.Write down all the things that you would like to get rid of on a piece of paper and burn it.

2.Put everything in a big box and close it knowing that it is part of you, but you don’t need to carry it with you.

3.Close your eyes and visualize your life full of the new goals and dreams that will fulfill your life. Breathe and trust the process.

Let yourself go with the flow!

Best wishes,



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