Popular legends

Bloody Mary

It is one of the most popular cocktails worldwide. Many myths exist about where the bloody Mary comes from?

One option and is the most popular is that it was created  by Petoit Ferdinand, bartender Harry’s Bar in Paris, when mixed vodka with tomato juice and lemon juice, Tabasco,Worcestershire sauce, salt and pepper.

Bloody Mary Coconut Grove Bar- Miami, FL

The result was explosive and was baptized with the surname of the Catholic Queen Mary Tudor, Bloody Mary (translation of bloody mary), who commanded the stake hundreds of Protestants.

The legend we all know. At least the part where you put yourself in the mirror and say his name three times. Then a girl or woman appears and disfigures or kills you. But legend says most of what we know, it is said that many years ago Mary ill and died. Her family buried her. In the years in which Mary lived bodies were buried in a kind of rope that was attached on the surface of a bell, as it was known what was catalepsy. Turns out Mary woke up and rang the bell, but nobody listened. The next morning the family saw that the bell was on the floor.

When Mary found unearth declawed as these were broken and bloody on top of the coffin. Mary put a curse before he died and now all that’s in front of a mirror naming call his name three times, will die. But before that hear the bell that no one listened when Mary died.

Sometimes this legend is confused  by the story of Mary I of England called Bloody Mary. Named for their actions against the Protestants.

What about the mirror? In popular culture, it is believed that the mirrors are portals to other worlds. This is believed due to the belief that ancient Mesoamericans had on these objects. They believed that in addition to predicting the future could communicate with their ancestors, gods and the afterlife. If we now consider that Mary is a spirit, What better way to communicate with than a mirror? .

As you can see, our gloomy friend Mary is called in various ways. In the text above I have appointed you as Bloody Mary, Mary Worth, Mary Whales. This I think is another example of that is just an urban legend spread in various places.

Although do you dare to find out?



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