WhatsApp helps to eat healthier

The media and technology is trying to change bad eating habits that we have in our society, especially young people. Using the media as a tool to change those habits and success is a new way of solving faster the problem that we encounter.

Internet and technology can be amazing tools for communication around the world, searching but also, can be great to spread beneficial messages for everybody.

A pioneering plan based on nutritional coaching by Whatsapp, an Iphone application to communicate by text with anybody anywhere around the world, has revealed that young people receive free food tips via mobile phone habits to improve their diets.

Instead of consuming bakery or fast-food, this commercials show them other beneficial ways to eat healthier and feel better.

This project has been awarded at the IX Congress of the Spanish Society of Community Nutrition, held in Cadiz, South of Spain, allowing reinforce dietary advice to healthy people, as in the case of any disease should go to face consultations.

The initiative, led by a researcher at the popular University “Universitat Ramon Llull “, took place last May in a group of 90 young people who, after a month of nutritional advice, managed to increase from 18% to 53% consumption of fish, fruit, and vegetables.

This new era of technology can help problems like eating healthy or other achievements by just “one click” or simply being aware of what is going on in the market and chose what works best for you among other options.


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