Sit, Breathe & Exercise

297469_10150295124967321_350868_nIf you are not too strong, your heart hurts or your anger will not let you go, know what type of exercise is right for you. Often people are in pain and they do not know why. The just feel uncomfortable, depress, anxious… exercise can help reduce all this feelings. Many experts said that when you practise any sport or activity you release your tensions and stimulate your brain to distraction.

Nowadays, teenagers suffer from a lot of type of pain that can be solve with easy methods. In my case, meditation works for me. Since I moved to America, I’ve been anxious and sad because everything is new and is hard to adjust yourself.

So I decided, to focus all my energy in me. To cure myself, to take care of me because nobody else is going to do it for your. Adjust to your environment  is the circumstances doesn’t adjust to you.

Here are some tips that help me to change my way of seen things. It is also important to know that “Changing” will only occur if You let it happen. I’m not saying is easy, I’m not saying bad days doesn’t exist. Is just a matter of change your mood and start thinking positive although there is nothing that makes you feel better right now.

– Meditation is a great practice to start knowing yourself: Who you are? what you want? what you need to change? Meditation sounds like a topic. It also seem something easy to do. “Just sit down and breathe.”Nothing can e easier than that right? Well, the problem is that is hard to be patience. To wait for nothing to happen. To just “sit”. Also it has to be routine, something yo do everyday. Is not important how long you stay sit. Just be constant. Everyday for 20 min and you will see a change.

– Exercise: Another topic we hear often. People are different from one another. They need different things according to their needs. Knowing what works for you makes a big different in your ultimate results. Practicing sport with a friend or a roomate can be a great idea, but maybe other people prefer to go for a walk alone.  Try different options like swimming, or jogging, tennis or even dancing. All this advices sound typical and easy to do. But only will work if you make this activities a habit in your life. Once you have your routine is when you start feeling new sensations and working better with your relationships as well as with you college responsibilities.

I also recommend a movie by Julia Roberts “Eat, pray and Love.” The movie present beautiful landscapes from India and how also present a metamorphosis of the character Julia, that is trying to find herself. It is a good movie to watch while starting to think optimistically about the millions of things you can do to improve and be happy.

Good luck!

Ibiza, Spanish island


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