Nature, outdoors and wildlife.

There are places in this world that will always surprise anyone. Places that seem to be borrow from movies or just from another world. Nature always teach us something new and by knowing about this places we will appreciate better what we have.

Some of them seem too close that sometimes are overestimated. Other  are in remote locations but is worth it to write about them so people can enjoy and learn from it.

Africa is a wonderful example of how beautiful a continent can be. Different cultures, thousands of languages, amazing views and exotic animals. Africa is an amazing destination to be aware about this beautiful world and to discover how interesting other points of view can be.

Here are some examples of the Best safaris in Africa. For those who love animals (and for those who are not, too) here’s the list of the best safaris in Africa. Although only one advice: Reject find any logical order to this classification because in all these places there is a unique experience to enjoy.

1. Serengeti, TANZANIA

World Heritage by UNESCO, by this natural route nearly two million wildebeest, zebras and gazelles cross annually to the Masai Mara in search of pasture during the “Great Migration”. Of course, if you want to enjoy it, hurry. In recent years a road project (canceled on numerous occasions) threatens to vilify much of its fauna.

2. Chobe (BOTSWANA)

About 120,000 elephants, it seems impossible to leave the territory without seen the pachyderms. However, this natural area that lies at the shore on Okavango Delta (is infinitely cheaper than other traveling options of the country). Also you can see some of the larger lions of the continent.

3. Especially recommended during the dry season, this destination is a favorite place for photographers because of its beautiful sunsets and lack of tourists. If you are looking for your own personal horizon, you’ll find it here.

4. Last but not least, One of the most spectacular place to rest near to  a volcanic crater. Also there is a  park where archaeological pieces still remain there, dating back to Homo habilis.

These are only some of the most amazing examples that Africa has to offer, but there are many more, and the only way to proof it is to experience it.

Have a nice trip!



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