The importance of Visuals

The audience has changed. Nowadays Journalism  is more featured. It is important to grab the reader’s attention from the first look. Without a knowledge of typography and graphic design, a visual journalist’s work, no matter how beautiful pleasing and attractive is the text, will be lost if the readers and viewers are distracted by poor layout decisions. A bad layout decision stick in to the reader’s brain more easily than a good text.

The importance for combining words and images for print and screen presentations are the key for a clear message that remains in the readers and viewers knowledge. In addition, this the use of informational graphics like diagrams or infographics combined with other visual messages, explain much more than mere words can.  “An image is worth than one thousand words”.

This has changed in the past ten years, the way of reading and understanding journalism is changing everyday and faster.  The delivery of news is changing and people want to read or have the information quickly and concise.

Use as an example the difference in the New York Times front page from a century ago. It has changed with time like society. It has developed a new format because of community needs.  If you pick the New York time 100 years ago you will see a front page full of letters with no clear structures, in black and white. You will also see more than 40 news headlines, fonts were all different shapes and there wasn’t a clear structure for the hot news.

This has changed now, we have colors and big pictures that illustrate our main stories and are easier to visualize and capture the reader’s attention. People are not patience anymore, they want the stories immediately, there is no time to seat and read.

According to an article in the New York times, “Gawker hopes to transform the blog”, Nick Denton, the founder and publisher of Gawker Media said that his primary motivation is “reader satisfaction and making the most [of] our best stories.”

On the other hand, Branding is also the key to understand how journalism has changed in the past decade. Nobody trust the media anymore, and branding helps facilitate the content that is behind the message.  The harmony between colors it is important for a good visual.

What color combinations work well together, which color schemes are the best? If two colors work well together don’t use three. For example, the complementary schemes are the colors that are directly opposite to each other. The color pairs always consist of either a primary with a secondary color like orange and blue. UF color branding works really well because of this theory.

In conclusion, branding and layout design are your friends when we are talking about visuals. They helped the reader understand the message, clarify the important ideas, entertain the eye and grab his attention. These are good qualities for the new way of understanding how the media has converged and changed.


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