September 11 in Catalonia

September 11 in Catalonia

“National Day of Catalonia”

Last Tuesday thousands of catalans were walking down the streets of Barcelona celebrating the National Day of Catalonia  commemorating the defeat of the Catalan troops during the War of Spanish Succession.

September 11, 2012  was faced with historically vast demonstrations for Independence. Yesterday Catalonia made history, with all the successful manifestations.

Artur Mas, president of  “Generalitat de Catalunya” stated that the demonstration on Tuesday “will help the process of independence to be seen as a process full of illusion”, thanks “to the exemplary  behave and manner of all the Catalans citizens”.

Mas stressed that the mission of all the manifestations that took place in Barcelona and around other places in the world was very clear, Catalonia proved to be a united people, who love their traditions, history and culture and that believe in a nation that wants to progress and ask for a State in order to remain.

Mas also said “It is not going to be easy, but everything is possible”.  The message that was sent to Spain was “Listen and set up for solutions”.

The National Day of Catalonia was successful and a big step to consider  the future of the Nation. It also showed that its citizens are proud of being Catalan and joyfully to remember their history.


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